Why Does Iowa City Need Student Scholarships?

Graduates of Iowa City’s public high schools: Iowa City City High, Iowa City West High and the Senior High Alternative Center (Tate) currently have very limited local scholarship opportunities, with the majority of those scholarships going to the highest academically ranked students. Dollars for Scholars encourages all students to continue their education and will hopefully make the transition from high school a little easier by providing aid that would allow students to focus more on their studies while in school.

How Are Scholarships Funded?

There are many ways to help the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Chapter. Financially, your gifts will establish the program and set up an endowment to keep the program running in the future. Individuals and organizations are also required to volunteer their time for committees and office work.

Is the Student Required To Attend A Four-Year College Or University To Receive A Scholarship?

No. The Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Chapter encourages every student to continue their education in any way they choose. A student may attend any community college, trade school, technical school, nursing school, beauty school, junior college, or four-year college or university at any accredited school, and in any place they desire. The Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships chapter scholarships will follow students to their location of choice; which will not affect eligibility for a scholarship. Recipients are determined by the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships awards committee that uses a point system to anonymously score the applications and assigns awards. The scholarships are presented at a public program held annually in May.

Will the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Take The Place Of Scholarships That Are Presently Awarded Through Companies Or Civic Organizations?

No—we hope to increase the number of scholarships awarded. Any group that currently awards scholarships may choose to come under the “umbrella” of the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships chapter, which would take over the task of screening applications and would award the scholarships in the group’s or company’s name. The donor would have final approval on the awarding of the scholarship. No group or company is required to join with the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Chapter program.

Where Will the Scholarship Money Come From?

Funds are solicited from area individuals, businesses, and foundations to support the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships Chapter program through both current gifts as well as endowments.

How Do Students Apply for the Scholarship?

Applications are available from each high school’s guidance counselor. Or, students may print an online application from the website. Students must meet requirements and the deadline as stated on the application form. For more information or to apply click here.

When Are Scholarship Checks Mailed?

After award announcements (in May) and once the student has returned their school information to GICA-SS, award checks are mailed to students around August 1st. Note that checks must be presented to the school and co-signed.