GICA Student Scholarships

The Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships (formerly Dollars for Scholars) Chapter continues to expand opportunities to provide educational benefits to area high school students. 

Due to steadily rising college costs, private funding is necessary to increase the number and amount of scholarships awarded each year. Our youth are the foundation and fabric of our Iowa communities. Acknowledging and supporting their excellence is a great way to make their futures—and our communities—even better. Your participation will be an investment in the next generation of employees that will help our communities grow and prosper.

You can help build an endowment fund that will allow the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships chapter to take scholarship awards to the next level. Currently, Iowa City area high schools graduate approximately 1,000 students annually; however, less than 100 students receive a scholarship award. We estimate at least another 250 students need our support. In addition, the chapter seeks to award merit-based, multi-year scholarships to benefit students and lower their accumulated college debt.

Mission Statement: Our core value is to enhance opportunities for every high school graduate in the greater Iowa City area to benefit from post-secondary education through recognition, community support and scholarship.